Season Food Inc. | McCabe Organic Black Barley 2lb
McCabe Organic Black Barley bulk
McCabe Organic Black Barley bulk
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McCabe Organic Black Barley 2lb

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Black Barley

Barley contains approximately sixteen times more fibers than any other rice product. In addition to fibers, flakes also contain rich contents of various minerals including calcium. Even after milling, all the vitamins are still intact, which results in the least amount of loss in its nutrients.


검정 보리

보리는 쌀의 16배에 해당하는 섬유질을 함유하고 있으며, 무기질과 칼슘 함량이 높고 도정 후에도 비타민이 내부에 그대로 남아 있어 영양 손실이 적습니다.


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