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McCabe Organic Adzuki Bean 2lb

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Adzuki Bean

Organic Small Red BeanRice is called Azuki Bean in Japan. It cook together with sugar, resulting in red bean paste. Commonly are eaten sprouted, or boiled in hot, tea-like drink. Some Asian cultures enjoy red bean paste as filling or topping for various kinds of waffles, pastries, baked buns, or biscuits.

Country of Origin: China
Certified Organic by CCOF


유기농 팥

팥은 이뇨작용과 혈액 순환 기능이 뛰어 나고 당뇨를 가지신 분들은 다시마 호박과 함께 넣고 삶아 먹으로 효과를 본다고 합니다. 곡류중에서는 가장 많은 비타민 B1을 함유하고 잇어 수면장애 신경쇠약등에도 좋다고 함.


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